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Sunday, October 9, 2011


1) Google trick to search different file formats (keyword filetype:doc)

2) Finding the time of any location (time MUMBAI)

3) Google trick to search educational resources (keyword site:.edu)

4)Finding the weather of any location (mumbai weather)

5)Tracking commentary of live events (cwc india 2011)

6)Converting currencies (1 USD in INR)(10 US Dollars in Indian Rupee)

7) Using Google as a calculator (9 * 122)(13+236)(19-4)

8) how many seconds there are in a year (seconds in a year)

9) Tracking stocks (stocks:rel)

10)Finding faces (add imgtype=face to the URL)

11) Get Local Weather

Type: “weather [city name or zip/postal code]” 
Example: “weather 400092 or “weather mumbai

12) Check Flight Status

Google automagically pulls flight data from FlightStats.com. All you have to do is enter the flight number. Type: [flight name and/or number] 
Example: “bc254″ or “newyork21″

13) Convert Distances

Type: “[value] [first distance unit] to [second distance unit]” 
Example: “100 kilometers to miles”

14 Find a Phone Number
Find a Person:

Type: “[person’s name], [city or zip/postal code]” 
Example: “ ram , mumbai
Find a Business/store:

Type: “[business name or type], [city or zip/postal code]” 
Example: “book store, mumbai


If you want to make your own fonts in window then
just follow these steps.
first go to start>Run & type here eudcedit and hit enter.

Now use your creativity & make your own fonts.


Are you getting boar with your command prompt (CMD) black color
if yes want to change it with other happening cool colors then here is the tricks for you
To do this follow these steps
1) Click on Start >Run then Type CMD
2) Command Prompt will open.

3) Type "color z"

4) List of numbers of colors will appear...Example: Blue=1

5) So, for changing CMD color to Blue color type:-"color 1"and then press Enter.


Watch Live TV on Your PC For Free

Now you can watch free Tv on your pc by just using a VLC player.

Step 1 : First of all you need to have VLC player, if you don’t have vlc player kindly download and install it

Step 2 : Now open Vlc Player, and select streaming option from the media menu present in the menu bar.

Step 3 : Select network option and enter the url of the streaming channel. For example if you want to view B4u Music you need to add url
in the url field and then select play option from the stream drop down menu.

Step 4 : After you click play in the above step, the channel will start streaming and you can watch your favorite channels.

Here is the List of many other channels which you will love to watch
Channel Name
NDTV rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_33.sdp
NDTV Profit rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_31.sdp
Times Now rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_2.sdp
Aaj Tak rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp
CNBC Aawaz rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_34.sdp
CNBC TV 18 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_35.sdp
Headlines Today rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_7.sdp
NDTV 24×7 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_29.sdp
NK News rtsp://
RAJ News rtsp://
ETV rtsp://
Studio N rtsp://
SVBC rtsp://
Zoo Vision rtsp://stream.zoovision.com/live.sdp
B4u Music rtsp://
iMusic rtsp://
Zee Tamil rtsp://
Zee Kannad rtsp://
Zee Bangla rtsp://
Music Box rtsp://stream.the.sk/live/musicbox/musicbox-3m.3gp
Bella Tv rtsp://
Fashion Tv rtsp://
Adventure rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVAdventure3GPP296.sdp
Horror rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVHorror3GPP296.sdp
Comedy rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVComedy3GPP96.sdp
Classic rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVClassics3GPP296.sdp
Crime rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVCrime3GPP296.sdp
Mystery rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVMystery3GPP296.sdp
Clubbing Tv rtsp://


Have you wondered is there any app that can just lock off your computer without having to touch the keyboard?
Well, there is. 
here is the application for you all
BtProx ( http://btprox.sourceforge.net/) is a free application that monitors the proximity of your computer to your cellphone or other bluetooth device . It will lock off your computer automatically, protecting its contents from prying eyes when the phone goes out of range which means you walk away from your computer. Obviously, you would take your cellphone you when you leave, wouldn't you? It will also unlock automatically when you return back, with your cellphone or other bluetooth device of course.
this is not all also with BtProx, you can set up an arrangement that automatically locks your computer and turns on the PC security system when you step away from the machine.

feel free to leave your comments...........
if you know some good applications you can write us at numan_750@hotmail.com

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unknown Tips to Remove Virus

Virus is the most danger elements of computer. It destroys all programs and folders and files. Its infection fully destroys our computer and all parts. All people want to safe their computer from virus, but if your computer has virus, then it’s very hard to remove it. If your computer has virus and you want to far away from your computer, but you haven’t an idea how can you far away it from your computer. I have to provide some steps before run your anti virus to remove the virus from your computer. These tips help you remove virus from your computer.


  1. First of all you can disable system restore. If you are a user of Windows XP, then you must turn off system restore beforevirus scanning.
  2. After you disable system restore, then you have to update Anti virus software with latest virus definition. The latest virus definition has information to remove latest virus from your computer. Its help us find out latest virus on your computer and help you remove it from your computer.
  3. After you can finish uploading, then you have to do backup system registry before editing the registry. It is important because it has much information and setting for all hardware and software, pc and non operating system software.
  4. If you complete above steps, then you can restart your system in safe mode.
  5. Antivirus has many options and you can choose Full system scan, the run a Full system virus scan using yourupdated Antivirus program.
  6. You have to remove any values or sub keys to registry by virus.
  7. You must restore registry value to default.
  8. After you finish registry value to default, then you have to re-scan to make sure that the thread is completely removed.
  9. After you finish all steps, then you can check integrity and repair all window system files and folders.

Interesting Tips For Facebook

In this time, it has many web sites are increases day by day. Facebook is the social network which helps connect many people. Really it is the fabulous network which helps us make a lot of friends. I think all people have Facebook account and I have too. I’m a big fan of Facebook and I have some tips for Facebook. If you’re bore from old color of your Facebook account, so you want to change it with another color, but you haven’t an idea how to change it. I have provided you some tips about changing the color of your Facebook accounts. Its also help give new look of your facebook accounts. These tips help you change your color of your Facebook account. I hope these tips will fully utilize for you.


  1. If you change your Facebook color, but you have to need the firebox browser at first. If you haven’t Firebox browser, then you can download at first.

  1. You have to install “Greasemonkey Adds-On” by help of Firebox.

  1. After you finish above step, then go to the Facebook userscript page. You can click the install button at the top right of the page.

  1. If you want to install the script, then at first you have to confirm it and it will be installed.

  1. If you finish install the scripts, so you can viewing any page on Facebook, then you can click Tools button and go to the Greasemonkey and click the userscripts commands. After you click, then you can go to the “Customize Facebook color”.

  1. You can select the color whatever you would like to change. After you can choose the color, then click “Set” button.

  1. Now you can check on the Facebook account color.

Unknown Privacy Tips To Secure Your Web Browser

Browser is the essentials for all computers. Sometime our browser won’t perform well, then we want to secure our web browser, but we hadn’t any right instruction. I have some tips for web browser how to secure our web browser. Hey guys if you want to secure your web browser, then check it my tips. These ten tips help keep your private data and private and keep your mind be peace and fresh. I hope these tips are utilized for you.
secure your web browser
  1. You can check run a background to know what’s out their.
  2. You can skip private browsing and take the how to geek’s advice and really browse without leaving a trace.
  3. You can see different types of questions and you can choose better security question.
  4. After you choose the question, and you can set up Bit Torrent for your private downloading. Bit Torrent is a public common of file sharing and you can share your home pages, downloading dig into.
  5. After you finish above instruction, then you have to know your Google setting.
  6. You have to know about how to travel without being spied on.
  7. Facebook is the social network and it has many applications together privacy setting. You can stand which level on your Facebook. It is important to know.
  8. You can run your browser through a proxy. At first you can go to the web randomization tools and go to TOR. You can also run a proxy through Google’s application engine.
  9. Better protecting your mint.com account that can apply to any site whatever you want and where you manage your financial data.
  10. Now you can stay on Facebook without really being in it. Create a new account, linked to the different mail and ste it up, therefore your old friends are still there.

Top Nine Tips To Improve System Speed

Interesting topic! Well, I am going to tell you some tips to improve your system speed. There are many causes, which makes our computer slow and create difficulties on our work. For example, virus, uninstall programs, shortcuts, temporary files, RAM problems and many other causes make the system slow. This tips is for any system and it doesn’t matter, if your systems have 256mb, 512mb, 1GB, 2GB of RAM. I hope this tips will solve your problems and improves your system speed. Check out the following points.
When I wanted to delete file from my system, but windows simply wouldn’t allow me to do it or error message pops up and tells it cannot be done or “access denied“. These things happen to me all the time. If you have faced with these kinds of problem, then don’t worry! After my hard-working, I found the easiest tricks to solve it and listed below so, have a look and solve your problem.
Explorer.exe is the main causes of it. Explorer.exe process locks files that are in use.
1. Close all programs and go to Start button and Run.
2. Type “TASKMGR.EXE“.
3. Go to processes tab and end process on Explorer.exe. and leave Task Manager open.
4. Go back to the command prompt window and change to the directory the AVI (or other undeleted or locked file) located in.
5. At the command prompt type “DEL” where you wish to delete file.
6. Go back to Task Manager, click file, new task and enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the GUI shell and close the Task Manager.
7. Or you can try this open Notepad.exe and click file>save as>.
8. Locate the file where your undeletable file or locked file is.
9. Choose all of the files name (the file name should have the extensions of the undeletable file) and click save.
10. It should ask you to overwrite the existing file, select Yes and you can delete as normal. Here is the manual way to do it.
11. Go to start button and click run and type “Command”.
12. To move into directory type CD C:***, where the stars refer your folder.
13. If you cannot access the folder because it has spaces, for example instead of typing in the full folder name only take the first six letters then put a ~ and then 1 without spaces. For example: CD C:Progra~1Nabin~1.
14. Type’ dir‘ and everything will come up with everything inside.
15. Now, delete by typing DEL filename.bmp, jpg,txt etc, make sure it must be in correct extension.

Gmail Registration Tricks; Make Gmail Accounts Without SMS Verification

Gmail is a free advertising supported web mail. We have been using Gmail service since long time, but most of the people didn’t know tricks and tips of Gmail account and Gmail Registration. Here is an interesting tips of Gmail account and it is related to Gmail account registration. When I knew it the first time, I was amazed and checked it for once, but it really works. So, if you are also curious to know the tricks and tips of Gmail, you have to read following step-by-step instruction respectively, so let’s start.
Process of making Gmail accounts without SMS verification.
1. At first start your system and go to Internet Explorer or any browser of it.
2. Go to Gmail.com and hit the sign up page.

3. For the first and last name, I used imdb.com to search names form movies or names of other actors.
4. Combine them and use a unique name that believes is not used by anyone.
Note: If Google detect that name in their database they will require sms verification.
5. So, go with a unique and new name, but not the popular name one like James or whatever.
6. Everything must be unique. If you will use the same name on the other account, it will require sms verification so, stick with unique one.
7. Do not use numbers for login and it must be unique. Use dot in user name and if you will create similar another user name again it will detect and will ask for sms verification on both accounts.
8. If you will make a few accounts with the same password they will detect them and they will ask you for sms verification so, use unique and new password for every account.
Warning: Don’t use similar passwords.
9. Write your any security question and don’t use it in another account.
10. Don’t use recovery email and the rest is at your choice.
I think you understand the whole point that your whole profile must be unique and never use similar password.